2D Holograms

2D Holograms are the best example of technology used at our unit. These 2D holograms are the most existed variant of holograms available in the market due to their technology and looks. Good security feature, excellent design and good background or floating depth has increased their demand in the global market. Our company is recognized as a trustworthy manufacturer of 2D holograms.

Special Attributes

  • Posses two or more levels
  • Protects authenticity of the original document
  • Preferred for promotional applications
  • Flip effect enhances aesthetics
  • Can be created using different software
  • Provides flip effect
  • Tamper evident metallized hologram
  • Images can be seen in different angles

Image Quality

  • Good feel of depth
  • Print clarity
  • Looks colorful and nice
  • Sharp colors

Application Areas

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic