Dot Matrix Holograms

Dot Matrix Holograms as the name suggests are the holograms created through the array of small dots. In these holograms each dot represents a unique hologram and provides attractive special effect. Bright colors and eye catchy look of these holograms has increased their demand in security applications. Our company has become one of the reliable manufacturers of Dot Matrix Holograms in the market.

Special Attributes

  • Each dot represents a separate hologram
  • Produces simple diffraction grafting
  • Correct angle illumination with white light produces tiny spots of color
  • Microscopic grating provides single composite picture
  • Used on smooth clean surfaces
  • High quality adhesive is used
  • Available in standard and customized shapes
  • Micro text
  • Dot arrangement defects
  • Grating depths

Image Quality

  • Eye catchy
  • Bright and colorful images
  • Special dot effect
  • Digital printing