Security Holograms

Our company has emerged as one of the superior manufacture, supplier and exporter of Security Holograms. We manufacture security holograms using best quality material that ensures maximum security. Our entire range of security holograms is used extensively in various industrial segments. We make available security holograms in rolls and sheet form depending on the requirement of the customer.

Variety Available
  • Sheet Form Security Hologram
  • Spool Form Hologram
  • Holographic Strips
  • Transparent Holograms
  • Holographic Labels
  • Holographic Pouches

Security Features of Our Security Holograms
Some of the main visual and hidden image elements that are used in our security holograms are mentioned below. These elements are usually available with digital technology only. :
  • Switch effect
  • High-resolution line patterns
  • Kinematics images
  • Concealed images
  • True color images
  • Micro-texts (25-150 micron)
  • Nano-texts (~ 5 micron)
  • CLR images (including dynamic and multilevel) to be controlled by special laser device.
  • Images recorded by special shape pixels.

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Sheet Form Security Hologram

The Sheet Form Security Hologram manufactured by our company is suitable for manual applications. We provide serially numbered sheets for accountability of the holograms. No gap is required between two holograms especially square hologram with sharp edges. We make available these holograms in


Spool Form Hologram

The premium quality Spool Form Holograms manufactured by our company are supplied in spool. The automatic and manual application of our spool form holograms makes them foremost choice of the clients. Their aesthetic look has boosted their demand in the global market.


Holographic Strips

Our company can provide Holographic Strips as per the requirement of the client. We offer these strips in rolls of different sizes. Customers can avail holographic strips from us in general as well as customized designs. Their quality and excellent performance has made us one of the prominent


Transparent Holograms

Transparent Holograms are the see through holograms fabricated from PET or BOPP material. Their special coating from high reflective index makes them ideal for lamination purposes. Their transparency and attractiveness ensures secured packaging.


Holographic Pouches

We offer infinite designs of Holographic Pouches with fascinating visual effects. Holographic laminating pouch is a combination of flexible printing technology and hologram technology. The general polyester film is substituted by holographic film.

Special Features of our